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What's Treiland?
Treiland is a service commited to working for a better society, denouncing and avoiding bad practices that corrupt politics and hinder its work as a tool to improve the lives of citizens.
At Treiland we believe that politics should be a noble activity of understanding, serving the public and improving society, but those who practice it often deviate from common goals and repeat the same mistakes: Bad government, corruption, totalitarianism, lack of solidarity, radicalism, short-termism and the priority of personal interests, among other vices that often harm more than help society.
To help restore the dignity that politics should have, Treiland structures its architecture around one goal: that the service can be maintained and enhanced by users from all over the world and at the same time that its functionality favors moderation and impartiality against manipulation attempts.
Treiland aims to be an assistant against forgetfulness, an alarm against manipulation, a tool to see the facts behind the stories and the intentions behind the words.
How does Treiland work?
The core of the service is based on an Open Source Intelligence system (OSINT). This means that the knowledge is provided to Treiland from publicly accessible documentation, such as links to news from digital publications, public documents from governmental or non-governmental organizations, judicial decisions at the regional, national or supranational level and other sources.
Who provides the Treiland content?
The contents are provided by the users of Treiland or treiners. They provide links to news or public access documentation. The information is analyzed, valued and incorporated into Treiland by the landers. A lander is a treiner who has shown honest and impartial conduct and has asked to contribute by classifying the information provided by other treiners. Landers and treiners alike are valued for their honesty and fairness, and they can lose their status if they don't maintain those values.
Can a treiner manipulate the information?
One of the biggest problems with social media is misinformation. Generalist platforms such as Facebook or Twitter work on the basis of likes, and seek, above all, an audience. Fake news spread everywhere and overshadows truthful information. Any user can inadvertently become a cyber-activist by retweeting, spreading a hoax and impoverishing the perception of reality.
On the contrary, in Treiland the contents are not voted, so it's useless to create fake accounts. What counts is the veracity of the information provided, that it's contrasted from different sources and points of view, that it's solid and its source credible. A piece of news is worth more than an opinion piece. A non-manipulated video can be worth more than a written article and a judicial sentence of an international court more than that one of a national one, for example. And regarding the prestige of the source, it regulates itself, since a medium gains more prestige if it publishes news from two different sides than if it gives a voice to just one and has less prestige if false or biased news can be identified in it or if it receives subsidies from a specific side. Therefore, if Treiland is bombarded with articles favorable to a political trend from media that show evident support for that trend, the only thing that will be achieved is to lower the prestige of that media, verify its partiality and record the manipulation attempt. Treiland's architecture is open to constant adjustments whose sole purpose is to improve its impartiality. In addition, as we have already mentioned, Treiners and Landers are valued according to the impartiality and honesty of their conduct, and if they lose those values they also lose their status.
On what law or criterion do Treiland base the tree of principles?
To elaborate the tree of fundamental principles Treiland is inspired by several sources, but especially in the principles of the United Nations, from the Declaration of Human Rights and other UNESCO and UNICEF declarations to the Sustainable Development Goals, since they represent common values and ideals of broad consensus. These values may or may not correspond to legal norms, for example racial discrimination is a crime in democratic countries while lying is generally not, but in the honesty section sincerity is a principle and lies an obstacle to avoid. That said, it should be noted that the principle tree is not immutable and can be modified with the sole purpose of being more robust, fair and impartial.
What's the political tendency of Treiland?
At Treiland we seek to defend universal values, without attributing them to any political tendency. We believe that there are consensus principles such as Liberty, Equality, Concord, Justice and Honesty. From them we specify a series of fundamental principles at various levels, but beyond that we do not seek binary debates on topics such as left or right, monarchy or republic, etc. Especially because we avoid that tendency to form ideological "packs" and we prefer to defend the principles one by one. We believe that everyone can have a different opinion on different aspects and that it's not necessary to assume an ideology in its entirety.
Do Treiland make judgments on the content provided or on the political formations?
No, because that's not for to us. We don't make judgments, we don't possess the truth and we are not even impartial, as human beings that we are, even though we aspire to be. At Treiland we collect, analyze and process information to make the facts easier to see, but we don't value or judge them. We provide useful information and tools to facilitate your analysis, but the data may or may not be complete depending on whether Treiland users have managed to provide enough information.
Our final purpose is to contribute to a better politics, and consequently, to a better society.
  • Equality

    People must have the same rights and opportunities without any distinction based on origin, race, sex, culture, ideology or any other reason.

  • Liberty

    Las personas han de poder ejercer su voluntad, expresar sus ideas, su identidad, su lengua y su cultura sin coacciones, respetando la ley, los derechos humanos y los tribunales reconocidos internacionalmente.

  • Justice

    Respetar las normas y reglas que regulan la convivencia en sociedad.

  • Concord

    Se han de buscar puntos de acuerdo que busquen la convivencia pacífica y la empatía, rechazando toda violencia y rehuyendo posiciones polarizadas que resulten en vencedores y vencidos.

  • Honesty

    Buscar siempre la verdad, la ejemplaridad y la claridad en las palabras, rechazando y denunciando la manipulación de ideas y conceptos.

  • Data

  • Características

A better society - Under construction
A single world. Endless ways to improve.

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